Our Team

Our Team

Whether you are a foreign entity seeking expansion in the region, a local-based foreign firm interested in growth and diversification, or a local company seeking to take your business to the next level, InvesTT's team has the knowledge, resources and key connections necessary for your investment to succeed.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are selected from thriving entities within Trinidad and Tobago’s private and public sector, who provide overall guidance and governance of InvesTT’s mission to attract, facilitate and retain direct investment into the country.


Janelle Penny Commissiong


Amalia Maharaj


Tricia Beckles


Nola Drayton-Smith


Gerard Noel


Bevan Narinesingh


We can help you

  • Investment experts

    We are your first point of contact for information on investing in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Partnership approach

    We work in partnership with investors from the beginning of their site selection process straight through to the establishment of business and successful operations.
  • Quality service

    We are committed to delivering an excellent standard of service to all potential and existing investors

Executive Management Team

Our Executive team ensures that the goals and objectives of InvesTT's mandate are executed effectively and efficiently. They are committed to ensuring that InvesTT meets all of the investor's requirements for doing business in Trinidad and Tobago.

Christopher Lewis


Stacy Adams

Vice President, Investor Services

Shyamal Chandradathsingh

Vice President, Investments

"One of the things that really impressed me about InvesTT is that after we met I got a call fromthis agency's CEO at 7:00PM responding to my issue. I always say to people "You need to call InvesTT". I definitely see the value that they bring."  

Ronnie Mohammed, Vice President Nutrimix Feeds Ltd.


Our Investor Sourcing teams are specialized by sector which makes it easy for you to find the right contact person for your specific opportunity. We ensure that your requests for information on investing in Trinidad and Tobago are responded to within 24 hours.

Sekou Alleyne

Manager, Investor Sourcing

Quincy Flores

Senior Investment Officer

Florence Ghany

Investment Officer

Craig Watkins

Investment Officer

Crystal Bradshaw-Bramble

Investment Officer

Tamara Nangoo

Facilitation Officer

"Your responsiveness has been unprecedented and we would certainly like to leverage your office and agency where we can. InvesTT has been absolutely phenomenal and I really thank you for all the help and support. You have truly lived up to the organization¹s ethos."  

Gian Franco, Principal, Pavilion Entertainment Limited

Investor Services

Our Investor Services team is your direct link to the right people, in the right places, to ensure that your application gets the priority it deserves. We work intimately with investors to provide reliable, timely facilitation and strategic interventions to reduce transaction times for successful project implementation.

Nyala Ali

Senior Aftercare Officer

Reynold Ramlogan

Aftercare Officer

“All the help we’ve asked for we’ve gotten and the support we’ve had has been fantastic! I’ve been really impressed. This would have never happened without InvesTT’s help.”

Richard Aquilina, Director 1494 Columbus Management

Product Development

Our Product Development Team ensures that the information you receive is current and relevant to your sector - specific investment needs.

Nishal Nagassar

Manager, Research and Business Intelligence

Marissa Mohammed

Research Officer

"Firstly, I would like to thank you and your team for arranging meetings and coordinating our recent visit to Trinidad and Tobago. In particular, I appreciate the thorough research and preparation that was undertaken. The information you have provided, especially the detailed document you prepared, is very useful and compelling."

David Smith, Silicon Valley Business School

Marketing & Communications

Our Marketing and Communications team promotes the benefits of investing in Trinidad and Tobago to all of InvesTT's targeted audiences. For more direct access to any one of our publications or videos, please send us an email.

Shurla Henry-Gibson

Manager, Marketing & Communications

Kathy-Ann Donawa

Senior Marketing Officer

Sherron Joachim

Marketing Officer

Marva Mitchell

Marketing & Communications Officer
"The support of InvesTT has been a very positive contribution to the establishment and development of our business in Trinidad and Tobago. The InvesTT team has always been just a phone call away and managed the support in a professional manner."
Maarten Spiljard, Regional Manager Peterson Integrated Logistics TT Limited

Administrative Support Unit

Marsha Burnette-Pierre

Executive Assistant

Leo Mark

Executive Assistant