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We recognize and congratulate you, our Trinidad and Tobago diaspora, for your sterling contributions towards global economic and social development in your spheres of expertise. Through this engagement, we hope to encourage the development of a vibrant engaged diaspora community. We believe that with the valuable contribution of your talent and expertise, it will positively impact the future growth of Trinidad and Tobago.  

iLoveTT - Webinar Series

The Trinidad and Tobago diaspora have made sterling contributions towards global economic and social development. Join our distinguished panel in conversation as we strive to determine the path forward for meaningful and consistent engagement of the Trinidad and Tobago diaspora, with particular interest in the areas of trade, investment and the creative sector.


  • Maximizing the Commercial Potential of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Wednesday 13th February, 2019

Hosted by InvesTT, ExporTT and CreativeTT

Trinidad and Tobago is well known for the creativity of its people. Join us in conversation as we discuss the country’s design capacity and determine the best path to leverage our creative industries into long term investment.

Our distinguished panel which includes successful entrepreneurs in the creative space, will explore some of today’s hot topics surrounding the development of Trinidad and Tobago’s creative brand:

• The Carnival model: Moving towards deriving long term financial benefits for the country

• Building Creative Linkages - Landmarks, Mas-making, Pop-Up Art Installations, Music, Film Fashion etc. How do we tie it all together into one creative brand?

• Attracting and encouraging the creative design capacity among our youths

The session will be moderated by Shyamal Chandradathsingh, Vice President-Investments, InvesTT


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