Global Services Internationalization (GSI) Hub

Global Services Internationalization (GSI) Hub

Trinidad and Tobago is well-positioned to become a renowned location for the global provision of Information Technology-enabled Services (ITeS).


The Global Services Internationalization Hub (GSI Hub) in Trinidad and Tobago is designed to bring together both local and foreign private sector companies, public institutions and student populations to fast track the development of a Global Services Export Industry.

Scope of Investment

InvesTT is seeking qualified tenants to populate the GSI Hub.

  • Investment Required

    No minimum amount of investment.
  • Type of Investment

    Leasing of office space

Benefits of the GSI Hub

Businesses established within the Hub will be supported through specialized training, IT finishing schools, physical and technological infrastructure, and other employee and business oriented initiatives.

Investors are offered leaseable business spaces close to potential clients and beneficiaries of the Hub in Central Trinidad.

Availability of business opportunities are expected to increase via local and foreign sector-branding campaigns that highlight and promote the Hub.

GSI Hub Services

These services will target export companies and entrepreneurs in the ITeS industry who wish to expand and compete internationally.

Internationalization training & support services

  • Quality control and productivity improvements
  • Partnerships, supply chains and joint ventures for export
  • Technology skills maintenance and upgrading
  • Market development for exports
  • Development of soft skills


Finishing Schools

The schools will offer short-term technical training designed to bridge gaps and answer specific needs for ITeS companies operating in Trinidad and Tobago, and those foreign companies which express an interest in investing in the country. They will be designed to increase the availability of qualified human capital for ITeS businesses.

Collaborative Physical & Technological Infrastructure

The GSI Hub will offer technological infrastructure enabling plug-and-play operations for investors, and workspaces for students and local service providers designed to foster networking, collaboration and research and development.

Investment Ecosystem

Validated Service Platform

Global IT providers such as IBM, Fujitsu-ICL and Microsoft have already established a presence in T&T.

  • Geographical & Cultural Affinity

    The world’s largest ITeS markets - USA and Canada - speak English. Combined, they amount to 43% of total spend and 51% of total market demand. People in Trinidad and Tobago are native English speakers and the country shares a similar timezone to the USA and Canada.
  • Educated, Skilled Workforce

    T&T ranks 4th in the Western Hemisphere for the quality of its education system and its management schools. (Source - World Economic Forum's Global Competitive Index 2016/17). Our educational platform produces a talented, graduate pool of ICT professional annually.

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