Information Communications Technology

Information Communications Technology

Trinidad and Tobago welcomes and supports international names in the ICT industry. ICT companies currently operate in T&T are attracted by a unique blend of factors, which offer a distinct competitive advantage to ICT investors.

Industry Facts

  • 400

    ICT graduates annually
  • 5

    Undersea fiber connections
  • GMT - 4hrs

    Atlantic Standard Time, Same as US and Canada
  • 98%

    Mobile coverage including 2G, GSM, 4G
  • 157%

    Mobile penetration
  • 68.9%

    Fixed & mobile internet penetration
  • 1st

    For IT infrastructure in LATAM & Caribbean region
  • 2nd

    IT skill readiness in LATAM & Caribbean Region
Why Trinidad and Tobago for ICT?

Key Activities

Data Centres

T&T has well-developed data storage and processing activities. Financial services firms operate and consume services from their own data centres, while telecommunications firms also provide data centre services to external clients. Fujitsu and Columbus Communications are the most notable providers of outsourced data centre services in T&T.

Broadband Services

  • Since 2012, T&T's main telecoms companies have been introducing 4G LTE technology and laying fibre to link up their masts.
  • Local telecom giant, TSTT has laid over 800 km of fibre, connecting over 400 masts.
  • In 2013, Caribbean telecoms operator Digicel announced that it would invest US $15.4m to improve its 4G backbone and roll out fibre in all areas of Trinidad by 2017.
  • In 2015, Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC) announced that it would revamp its infrastructure to provide 4G LTE connections to 6m customers in the region.
  • Liberty Global which acquired CWC in 2016 will now invest 20% to 25% of the company's revenue in upgrading the quality of networks across the region.

Mobile Services

T&T operates within a liberalized mobile services environment which currently features two major mobile service providers; the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) and Digicel. Both entities own and operate their own mobile infrastructure (some colocation is also done), from which they provide their services. As evidenced by the very high mobile penetration rate, T&T is considered a well-developed market for mobile services.

e-Government Services

The TTBizLink is considered to be one of the key platforms of e-government services whereby citizens and residents can process a wide range of government-related procedures and processes. The Government offers e-services to citizens, businesses and residents in Trinidad and Tobago viaTTConnect.

Key Players

Why T&T for ICT

  • High quality, competitive, labour pool

    With 99% literacy, free tertiary education, and a large number of job seekers, Trinidad and Tobago offers access to skilled resources.
  • Infrastructure

    Five undersea fibre connections provide a robust and redundant core infrastructure, while reliable energy utilities, transport connections, and real estate add to the attractiveness.
  • Low operating costs

    Trinidad and Tobago is recognized as the location offering the best cost effectiveness in the Caribbean and Central America Regions by FDI Magazine 2015/16.
  • Nearshore location

    We are an ideal nearshore location in the same time zone as Eastern Standard Time with 40 daily flights to countries in the region.
  • Market Size

    Trinidad and Tobago provides market access to 965 million people through multilateral trade agreements, CARICOM, and Partial Scope Trade Agreements.

Investment Opportunities

BPO Operations

The emerging BPO industry in T&T consists of a healthy mix of global service providers and domestic players. Many of these BPOs primarily serve the Caribbean, North and Latin America from a Trinidad and Tobago base. Many of T&T's Canadian based Banks (Scotiabank, RBC, Republic Bank) use shared services centres to service the Caribbean Region. In its first listing on the 2016 Global Services Location Index (GSLI), T&T ranked 42nd out of 55 countries, the highest in the CARICOM region. In 2017, T&T jumped two places in the GSLI and is now ranked at 40 out of 55 countries for providing BPO services, ahead of legacy players such as Jamaica and Canada.

iQor is T&T's most recent investor in BPO and is located at the Tamana InTech Park.

Data Centres

A benchmarking study of 15 Western Hemisphere countries indicated that T&T is the lowest cost location for the establishment of data centres. These can offer data storage, co-location, cloud and enterprise data centre services to the Caribbean and Latin American markets as well as international markets.

Software Design & Applications

Trinidad and Tobago has the potential to become the Bangalore of the Caribbean by developing software and applications for a regional and international client base. Opportunities exist in the integration of software between government, business and suppliers. Additionally, the Global Services Internationalization Hub will build a cluster of IT professional services that can be outsourced by international firms.

Tamana InTech Park

Your IT business will benefit from being located within a clustered hub at Tamana InTech Park, the largest Science and Technology Park in the English-speaking Caribbean. It has been master-planned, from design to construction to minimize environmental impact and efficiently utilize resources such as materials, water, and energy. Located in the east of Trinidad and just 5 minutes away from the international airport, Tamana InTech Park is at the centre of innovation, technology and global entrepreneurship.

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Global Services Internationalization Hub

Trinidad and Tobago is well-positioned to become a renowned location for the global provision of Information Technology-enabled Services (ITeS).

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